About African Prints

About African Prints

Fafali: For African Printsample african prints

Where Culture and your Wardrobe Connects.Fafali is a cultural lifestyle, Fafali was founded in 2009 with the concept of making Africa pop(ular). We derive inspiration from the people and places that make modern day African societies unique. Through our love for African prints, we design for people who seek to broaden their awareness and flaunt their individual style and seek a true taste of Africa. Our mission to become a premier lifestyle brand that puts African culture and fashion on the globe. We carefully select the best fabrics from all over Africa.

We are a fashion lounge where everyone can find great unique styles for any occasion. It is our mission to make everyone look and feel fashion forward, we believe that part of what makes us all unique and special is our sense of fashion and we strive to uplift and empower everyone by providing clothes that celebrate and honor every individual style.


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